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Pardot + Campaign Audience Builder = The Perfect Match

Salesforce Core (Sales/Service Cloud) is the central database for your CRM data. Account Engagement (Pardot) is limited in terms of accessible data. By default, you can only access Prospect (Lead+Contact), Account, and Opportunity data in Pardot. You’re stuck as soon as you want to access different data from Salesforce Core, like Opportunity Products.

That’s where Campaign Audience Builder comes into play. You can leverage all Salesforce data, no matter how complex or nested your criteria are. Build your audiences in Salesforce and transfer them to your Pardot lists. That way, you can segment your lists based on all available data and then continue your marketing initiatives in Pardot.

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Understanding Pardot List Types


In Pardot, we have two different types of lists: Static Lists and Dynamic Lists. You can add Prospects into Static Lists manually and/or automatically (based on criteria using segmentation rules). Dynamic Lists, on the other hand, are always based on criteria. If a record changes so it doesn’t match the requirements anymore, the Prospect will be removed from that list. They won’t be deducted automatically from Static Lists.

Pardot Integration - What’s the right approach?

You can integrate audiences from Salesforce to Pardot (Account Engagement) in two different ways. Both have their unique use cases and advantages.

1. Dynamic Lists

This approach benefits from the standard features of Pardot and Salesforce. You can build your audiences in Salesforce using CAB and set up a schedule to continuously add audience results to a Salesforce campaign. You then create a dynamic list in Pardot that includes all Prospects being members of the selected campaign.

Segment your audience based on all CRM data.

Automatically keep your lists in Pardot up-to-date.

It won’t generate new prospects records if campaign members don’t yet exist in Pardot.

2. Manual / Sync via Direct Integration

Manual / Sync via Direct Integration. This approach focuses on static lists in Pardot. You can add Prospects to static lists from within Salesforce in three different ways:

1. Add Campaign Members to a Pardot List. You might know this feature from Pardot Classic. Manually transfer all Campaign Members to selected Pardot list(s).

2. Add Audience Results to a Pardot List. Build an audience in CAB, then transfer the results directly to the selected Pardot list(s).

3. Synchronize Audiences. You can target a Pardot List for your CAB audience(s), and the system will automatically sync these audience results each hour. Additionally, you could apply Cleansing so that Prospects not matching the criteria anymore will also be removed.

More flexibility in adding records to Pardot lists.

Do one-time segmentations and populate a Pardot list once.

Upsert Prospect Records. No more manual prospect imports for existing Salesforce records.

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