Campaign Audience Builder - Client Referral Program

Reduce all future invoices by 5% for each successful referral.
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How does it work?

Happy users that share their experiences
with other users become even happier users

1. Referral

Use our form to submit all relevant information, like company and contact person of your referral.

2. Deal

As a team, you and us decide about the first steps. We can fully take over here, you can set up an introduction call or some kind of mix.

3. Benefits

Once your referral turns into a  customer, this deal will be associated with your account and all future invoices will be reduced by 5%.

From Zero to Hero

Every successful referral grants you 5% discount

Spread the word, earn rewards

Let's say you've visited a Salesforce User Group or an Industry Meeting and shared your experiences with other visitors on how much time you save and how powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use Campaign Audience Builder is.
Afterward, many attendees showed interest and wanted to learn more about your use cases and how you handle them. When using our referral program, all parties benefit from it.

Reward system

Per successful referral, all future invoices of the referrer will be reduced by 5%. Example: your annual invoice amount is 5.000€, and you referred Campaign Audience Builder successfully to 5 companies that turned into new customers. Then, your future invoices will be reduced by 25%. You will pay 3.750€ instead of 5.000€. After 20 referrals, you become a premium referrer, and using the tool is entirely free.

Participating in the client referral program is a win-win for both parties. New customers resulting from a referral, will also get a 5% discount on the first 12 months.
1 🤝 = 5%
2 🤝 = 10%
3 🤝 = 15%
4 🤝 = 20%
5 🤝 = 25%
10 🤝 = 50%
20 🤝 = 💯%
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