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Empower your Salesforce team with the ultimate audience segmentation tool.

Segment target audiences, leveraging all Salesforce data, no matter how complex or nested. Build audiences with clicks. Automate your segmentation process to save even more time.

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Campaign Audience Builder

How to streamline and automate segmentation in Salesforce

Campaign Audience Builder enhances your Salesforce system with a powerful point-and-click segmentation tool.  No coding, no queries. This allows you to create even the most complex audiences in minutes and to keep the audience data clean and up-to-date automatically. Add your audiences to Salesforce Campaigns or transfer them to your Marketing tool of choice (Pardot / Marketing Cloud) using the native integrations.


Automation and Cleansing


Marketing Cloud & Pardot Integration


Extend with Salesforce Flows

Use Cases

Supercharge your segmentation and audience processes for optimal return on invest.

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How Campaign Audience Builder helps you

Save tons of time, maximize efficiency and optimize your targeting.

Accelerate and automate your segmentation process

Save hours and days of work each month. Build audiences in minutes without code or queries thanks to the intuitive user interface.
Keep your audiences up-to-date. All done for you automatically in the background. Say goodbye to manual and redundant tasks.
No more time-consuming workarounds. Easily segment audiences with complex and nested criteria.

Maximize the efficiency of your Salesforce users

Enjoy user independence. Your business users don’t need IT or data analysts anymore to create their audiences.
Set up fully integrated and automated segmentation processes. Take out the guess work and manual actions.
Limits belong to the past. Define precise target audiences to nail your communication and to raise your conversion rates.

Prevent technical debt to keep your system healthy

Get rid of your countless helping fields and automation on Account and Contact to use report builder for segmentation.
Native, out-of-the-box integrations to Pardot and Marketing Cloud provide seamless data flow.
Point-and-click segmentation instead of Coding, Queries or custom development.


faster audience segmentation on average.


reduction of time spent on campaign management.


saved per week per employee on average working on segmentation.


less IT tickets from Marketing.

Who can benefit from Campaign Audience Builder?

One tool, many beneficiaries.



Accelerate audience segmentation and efficiency

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Less or no dependencies to the IT team. Don’t wait until your tickets are resolved. You can now do it all by yourself.
Save time! No more manual, redundant work on segmentation tasks that can and should be automated.
Be the master of segmentation in Salesforce Core. Easily transfer your audiences to Campaigns, Pardot or Marketing Cloud.

Admins / Devs

Enable your users with a powerful segmentation engine.

Admins / Devs
Free up time for your core tasks instead of answering and solving segmentation requests from the Marketing team.
Build custom audience actions for your end users with Flows. Let them update audiences or create related records.
Create a fully automated segmentation process. Define segmentation criteria and set up automation for data transfer.


Design flawless system architecture without hurdles or performance loss.

Keep your data model clean. Don’t replicate segmentation-relevant data on contact or account level just to use reports on it.
Avoid or get rid of automation that just exists to update fields on objects where this data doesn’t belong.
Marketing requirements don’t impact your system architecture and business logic.


Save your budget and create more time for the important tasks of your teams.

Save tons of money compared to Data Cloud. If your core data is in Salesforce there is no need to implement a whole new platform.
You don’t have to spend effort and resources on custom implementations to cover segmentation requirements.
If you’re using the Pardot Custom Object Integration to get a bit more data points, you should use Campaign Audience Builder. Its cheaper and much more powerful.

Segment like a Pro

Campaign Audience Builder provides all the segmentation features you need and want - and more.

Cross-object data connections

Build your audience filter criteria by accessing and linking as many child and parent records as you need.

Audience Scheduling

Automate your segmentation process. Keep your data up-to-date all the time. Schedule your audiences to be executed frequently. No manual work.

Campaign Cleansing

Keep your data clean. Automatically remove out-dated campaign member records that don't match your criteria anymore.

Record Aggregation

Do calculations on the fly, like the sum of the amount of Won Opportunitys or record counts in general.

Filter Exclusions

Use the “Without” filter option for precise exclusions.
Schedule and Cleanse. Automate the process. Keep your data up-to-date and clean. All done for you in the background.

Fully integrated

Transfer your audiences to your favorite marketing tool or trigger custom actions with Salesforce Flows.

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Which data is accessible for segmentation with CAB?
Which data is accessible for segmentation with Campaign Audience Builder?
Can I process large data volume (>50.000 records)?
Do I need Pardot or Marketing Cloud to use the tool?
Is my data safe? Do you provide a SOC2 certificate?
Are there any shared platform limits to be aware of?
Do I need technical / coding skills to use the tool?
What are the available editions and how do they differ?
Do you offer a Trial and a Free Edition?
How long does the app setup take?

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