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Leverage all Salesforce data, no matter how complex or nested. Build audiences with clicks. Automate your segmentation process to save even more time.

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Audience Builder Home Screen allows you to organize and open your audiencesAn example audience with opportunity filter criteria.

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Campaign Audience Builder

Reduce internal

Neither IT specialists nor data analysts are needed.
Create audiences on your own within a minute.

Leave segmentation
limits behind

No matter how complex or nested your Segmentation criteria is, Campaign Audience Builder got you covered.

Keep your data

Natively built on the Salesforce platform.
No data is leaving your CRM System.

Save valuable time
with automation

Keep your audiences up-to-date all the time. Add & remove campaign members fully automatic.

Integrate with native
marketing tools

Start your marketing initiatives in Pardot or Marketing Cloud based on your CRM target audiences.

Speed up your
segmentation process

The intuitive user interface enables you to create even the most complex audiences with a few clicks. Save hours of time.

No Limitations

Your Audience Builder fully packed with advanced segmentation features

In most cases, your segmentation criteria is spread across many different records within Salesforce. Campaign Audience Builder enables you to connect the dots and to create audiences leveraging all your data. Easily add Leads, Contacts and Accounts to your Campaigns.

Cross-Object Filter

Build up your filter hierarchies. From every node you can access upper (parent) or lower (child) nodes in the data model to build more complex and nested criteria.

Aggregated Filter

Use Aggregate Functions to evaluate filter criteria based on multiple records, like the sum of your customers' order amount.

All / Any Related Records

Filter your audiences by validating the related filter nodes. Either all nodes or any node must be logically true. For example, find all customers that ordered a specific product or have an open opportunity regarding this product.

With / Without Related Records

Filter your audiences based on related records. For example, find all customers that bought your entry product, but not your main product. Perfect for up-sell campaigns.

Powerful Automation

Lean back and let Dynamic Campaigns do the work

Your data in Salesforce changes everyday. You don't wan't to update your audience lists over and over again to keep them up-to-date. Dynamic Campaigns enable you to add new, update existing or remove outdated campaign members fully automatically based on your defined audience criteria.

Audience Scheduling

Decide when and how often your audiences should be updated. Should it run every day every hour or once every Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Once a schedule is defined you don't have to worry anymore. Say goodbye to repetitve tasks.

Campaign Cleansing

Campaign Cleansing allows you to remove campaign members that do not match the defined audience criteria anymore. Be precise and define which campaign members should be cleansed, based on their status.
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Core Integrations

Integrate your audiences
into your favorite tools

Pardot Integration

Unlock your full database potential. Access all data, not only the Pardot objects. Upsert new Prospects directly from Salesforce. Keep your Pardot lists in sync with your CAB Audiences.

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Marketing Cloud Integration

Say goodbye to SQL queries. Create audiences in seconds using the point-and-click builder. Access all Salesforce data without building redundant databases. Transfer your audiences into MC Data Extensions.

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Flow / Apex Integration

Power to the admins to enable the users. Build Salesforce Flows or write Apex to define custom audience actions. Update fields or create related records for your audience members.

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Trusted & Proven

"Excellent value, great user experience and exemplary support"

… Campaign Audience Builder enables my client to perform complex audience segmentation with criteria on many objects, without having recourse to time-consuming Excel-based data analysis, and without investing in costly, and conceptually limited, Apex automations (aka “technical debt”).
René Görgens
Senior Architect

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