Marketing Cloud Integration

Say goodbye to SQL queries.
Create audiences in seconds using the point-and-click builder.
Access all Salesforce data without building redundant databases.
Transfer your audiences into MC Data Extensions.

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Support us during our integration pilot phase by:

  • Discussing and challenging our MVP requirements.

  • Providing new requirements that help you make the most out of the integration.

  • Testing the solution and providing valuable feedback.

In return, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get free Campaign Audience Builder Professional Edition access in your sandbox or dev environment.

  • If you decide to keep using the tool in production after the integration is generally available, you get a 50% discount on the Integration Package.

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Advantages of CAB vs. Segmentation in Marketing Cloud

Don't replicate your CRM data model redundantly into Marketing Cloud just for segmentation purposes.
- Access every field on every record in your Salesforce Core CRM (Sales / Service Cloud) to segment your audiences.
- Create and update Marketing Cloud Data Extensions based on these audiences.

Say goodbye to SQL queries and complex technical segmentation.
Use Campaign Audience Builder's easy and intuitive point-and-click segmentation tool and create audiences in seconds.